Terms of the Adopt-A Truck Program

1. Only yard waste may be placed in the truck, such as branches and limbs. Trash and garbage is strictly prohibited.

2. No material will hang out of the bed of the truck. No branches longer than six feet or larger than 4 inches in diameter shall be loaded.

3. Commercial cuttings shall be hauled away by the contractor.

4. The following items are strictly prohibited at the landfill and shall NOT be placed in the truck: PLASTIC BAGS TIRES BATTERIES LARGE APPLIANCES (refrigerators, washers, dryers) PAINT SOLVENTS OR FLAMMABLES WASTE MOTOR OIL AND ANTIFREEZE ANY HAZARDOUS WASTE ROOFING MATERIALS (shingles, tar paper, felt)

5. Should any prohibited items be placed in the truck, the undersigned agrees that they will be responsible for all clean-up costs incurred by the City or County as a result of the prohibited items being dumped at the landfill.

6. Please plan for the best location for your needs, as customers will not be allowed to move or drive the dump truck.

7. If the City is asked to drive or park a dump truck on or over a sidewalk or driveway, the property owner takes responsibility to repair any damage.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ADOPT A TRUCK IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON FRIDAYS. The truck will be dropped off Friday afternoon and picked up the morning of the next City business day.

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