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Welcome to the Payette Water Department


Contact City Hall
402 2nd Avenue North
Payette, ID  83661

Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

After Hours 208-642-6006 extension 1175

The mission of the City of Payette Water Department is to monitor and provide our cities water system with clean, aesthetically pleasing safe drinking water at the lowest price possible. The City of Payette serves approximately 2,700 customers within City Limits.

The Water Department responsibilities include operating and maintaining the water systems and related facilities, reading water meters for customer usage, monitoring and administering the backflow prevention program, and repair any leaking or broke City line. If any further information is needed, please call City Hall at 642-6024.




Water Pressure

Water Pressure Water pressure varies within the City’s distribution system, from about 35 pounds per square inch (psi) in the higher elevations of Town, to around 75 psi in the lower elevations. The pressure variation is controlled primarily by elevation; thus, water storage tanks are built on high above the city to ensure good pressure throughout the city. That way pressure can be provided to the system without excessive pumping. If your home is close to one of our storage facilities you may not have as much water pressure as someone further down the hillside. The higher on the hill your house is, the lower the pressure may be. Occasionally, customers may experience higher than normal or lower than normal water pressure. Newer homes that comply with current building code have pressure regulator valves (PRV’s) installed to regulate the pressure in the home. Older homes may not have a PRV and may experience fluctuations in water pressure.


No Water?

No Water? The most common reason for being without water is a water main break or frozen pipes. Water line breaks are often caused by someone digging without first contacting DIGLINE and damaging a waterline. Main waterline leaks occur without notice and often at odd hours or during inconvenient times. This usually requires us to turn off the water in a neighborhood for a short period of time to make the repairs. We will notify you of any planned water shut off, however: the nature of emergency water line breaks does not allow us to notify citizens prior to water shut off. Anytime you are without water and don't know why, please City Hall. If your neighbors are experiencing the same problem, there may be a main water line break. If you live in an apartment or condominium complex, the problem may be with the water system in the building. If so, the owner or manager is responsible. You should contact them directly.


 Fire Hydrants

Payette currently maintains about 300 fire hydrants located throughout the city. Hydrants are for the exclusive use of the Payette Fire Department to protect the community from fire. Please do not tamper or interfere with any hydrant. Contractors and citizens are in some special cases authorized to use hydrants on a temporary basis. If a hydrant is being used by anyone other than the Payette Fire Department please contact City Hall immediately and it will be determine if the use is authorized. The City of Payette twice a year flush City main lines, especially dead ends or low use areas,. This is to freshen the water or to expel any accumulated sediments that break off from the inside of the pipes. We also will allow one or more fire hydrants to run in order to reduce the line pressure to allow a repair or a new tap to be made without totally shutting off the water to customers.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

The most common cause of smelly water is anaerobic bacteria that exist in some water and react with the magnesium and aluminum sacrificial anodes that come with most water heaters to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, making the classic rotten egg odor. The problem is most common in well systems, either private or municipal.  See brochure link below: