Animal Control Department

In Payette, the Animal Control Officer works directly through the Payette Police Department (208) 642-6026. The Animal Control Officer can be reached at (208) 739-5994.

Live Trapping

A request for a live trap can be made for
stray and roaming cats and dogs. The Payette Police Department has two live traps available. Please remember that the live traps are only availiable to City residents only. Dogs are housed at the Payette Impound Facility (208) 642-6026.

Lost and Found Dogs

 The Payette County Sheriff's Office maintains a lost and found file for all dogs that have become lost in the City of Payette.  At times, when an individual finds a lost pet, they do not wish the Animal Control Officer to impound the dog, and instead choose to keep the animal until the owner is found.  So, calling the Sheriff's Office at (208) 642-6006, ext. 1175 is a good place to start in your search.  When you call them, leave your pet and contact information with them.  The Animal Control Officer works closely with them to find owners. Additionally, you should contact the Animal Control Officer to alert of your missing pet.  The officer is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The telephone number is (208) 739-5994.  If you are needing assistance after 5:00 p.m., please contact the Payette County dispatch center at (208) 642-6006 ext. 1175. 

 A City of Payette dog license is a lost pet's ticket to finding its owner.  If a dog is picked up there is a $30 per dog impound fee, as well as a $10 per day boarding fee.  If your dog does not have current tags, which is required by City Code, it is required that it be purchased at the time of returning the dog to its owner.  You can purchase your dog license from City Hall.  Call (208) 642-6024 for more information.

 Dog licenses are required annual in the City of Payette. The fee for nuetuered/spayed dogs is $10 and non-nuetered/spayed dogs is $20. If dog tags are not purchased annually by May 1st of each year a $10 per dog penalty will be applied.

Dogs are kept for a minimum of three days before becoming available for adoption or placing into other rescues or agencies.

City Animal/Pet Ordinances:

• 3 dog limit per residence
• Dogs may not run at large at any time
• Dogs should be confined to the owner's property or under reasonable control at all times
• Pet owners must clean up after their dogs
• Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dog
• Current dog tags are required for all dogs in city limits
• Dogs found running at large will be picked up and impounded at the Payette Impound Facility
• Wild and/ or exotic animals are not permitted in the City of Payette

Other Animals

• No roosters allowed in City Limits
• Maximum of 6 poultry in City Limits
• Poultry must be confined at all times on the owner's property
• No goats in City Limits
• No pigs in City Limits

The Ordinance Officer is always looking for donations. A list of desired items is below:

• Empty plastic cat liter containers or plastic ice cream containers
• Choke chains
• Dog leashes
• Dry dog food
• Dog treats
• Dog collars
To reach the Animal Control Officer, call (208) 739-5994 or email.