Payette Planning and Zoning FAQ's

Where is the Planning & Zoning Office located?

The Planning & Zoning office is located in City Hall at 700 Center Avenue, Payette, ID  83661. For questions, call (208)642-6024 or visit our Contact Us Page.


What is the zoning of my property?

To determine the zone of your property, please call the Planning and Zoning Office at 208-642-6024.


What can I do with my property?

The uses allowed on your property depend on the zoning of your property.  The City of Payette has assigned a zone to every property located in the City of Payette.  Zoning regulates the types and densities of residential development and the types of industrial and commercial uses allowed.  The City of Payette Planning Office can assist you in determining the zoning of your property and the uses allowed in that zone.  For your reference, you may view 17.16 of the Payette Municipal Code which contains the Zoning District Regulations. This will show the uses allowed in different zoning districts. 


What is a Conditional Use?

Some uses require review by the Planning & Zoning Commission before they can be permitted.  Conditional Use Permits are usually required because the proposed use has the potential to have a significant impact on neighboring properties.  The Conditional Use Permit process ensures that the public has an opportunity to review and comment on the application.  A Conditional Use Permit is an application process which has a public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission.  The City will send notices to neighbors within 300 feet of the property.  This gives anyone who may be affected an opportunity to comment on the proposed use of the property.  You may obtain information regarding Conditional uses in the Payette Municipal Code, Title 17 .  The application for a Conditional Use Permit can be accessed under: Planning & Zoning, then click on Forms. A step-by-step guide can be accessed here


What is a Permitted Use?

Permitted Uses are those that are allowed outright without a public hearing based on the Payette Municipal Code, Title 17

What Size of a Fence Can I Put on My Property?

Fences located within a yard area in residential districts shall not exceed six feet (6') in height. All fences within twenty five feet (25') of a front property line shall not exceed thirty six inches (36") in height. For purposes of this chapter, a corner lot which abuts against two (2) intersecting streets, shall be deemed to have two (2) front yards and all fences within twenty five feet (25') of the street right of way shall not exceed thirty six inches (36") in height. Nothing shall permit an obstruction of vision at an intersection.


Can I run a daycare out of my home?

Depending on your zone, you may be allowed to operate a daycare, however you are still required to obtain a Conditional Use Permit to operate a daycare business out of your home.  The City of Payette defines daycares in this way:

There are three (3) types of childcare facilities:

1.            Family Home Childcare: A childcare facility providing for six (6) or fewer children as an accessory use to residential uses.

2.            Group Childcare: A childcare facility for seven (7) to twelve (12) children within the operator's residence or that is outside the    operator's home.

3.            Childcare Center: A childcare facility for over twelve (12).

To obtain a Conditional Use Permit, visit the Forms page.  For any questions, call 208-642-6024.


What are the setbacks for my property?

Setbacks are determined according to the zoning district of your property.  You may obtain zoning district information by contacting the Planning Department or by viewing our code online, Chapter 17.


How long do applications take to process?

Applications that require a public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council take approximately six to eight weeks to process from the date of submittal until the final paper work is completed.  To access an application for Conditional Use Permits, variance requests, preliminary and final plats,  rezone requests, and other planning and zoning issues, visit the Forms page under the Planning and Zoning Tab.


What is required to put up a sign for my business?

You are required to obtain a Sign Permit prior to erecting a sign on your property. You may reference sign regulations in Title 15 of the Payette Municipal Code.  Sign Permit applications can be obtained from the Building Department in City Hall, or online at www.cityofpayette.com. No off premise business signs are allowed in the City.


I received a notice from the City about my neighbor’s property?  What does this mean?

The City mails a notice out to all property owners within 300 feet of a property when a permit requiring a public hearing is submitted.  This notice details the request and allows surrounding property owners an opportunity to comment for or against the application at or prior to the public hearing.  You can obtain more information on the application by contacting City Hall at 208-642-6024.


Where can I view the Payette Municipal Code?

You may the view the Payette Municipal Code on-line at the City of Payette's website by clicking the Payette Municipal Code tab.  If you do not have internet access you may visit our office in City Hall.


Where can I get application forms?

You may access applications forms online on our Forms Page or you may come by our office in City Hall.