Economic Development Committee

The duty of the economic development committee to: 

 A.   To review the economy and economic infrastructure of the City of Payette to determine its strengths and weaknesses. 


  B.   Propose to the City recommendations for future development of small and large business, commercial and manufacturing opportunities for the future growth of the City of Payette and to promote the public interest and welfare to enhance the economy of the City of Payette. 


  C.   Propose to the city such rules and regulations as are necessary or desirable to carry out the intent and purpose of this chapter.  However, this shall not include involvement in the planning and zoning functions or comprehensive plan for the City of Payette. 


   D.   Keep the City advised as to the progress of the economic development committee, the availability of federal and state grants for economic development or related activities and such other matters relating to economic development as may be requested by the city. 


  E.   Review applications and make recommendations to the City Council in regards to the Revolving Loan Fund.