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What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

Comprehensive Planning for the next 20 years is an involved process, which at best reflects the needs and desires of the community it is to benefit. A plan should give the public, business and government agencies a clear understanding of the City’s intentions and desires regarding its future development, which will lead to greater cooperation and minimize potential conflicts. The plan is intended to be a set of positive, rather than restrictive statements concerning what City of Payette wishes to be and accomplish and to introduce long-range consideration into the determination of short-range actions.

A Comprehensive Plan is the official statement of a jurisdiction, setting forth its major goals and policies concerning desirable future physical development. The broad scope of the plan is reflected in its various elements – population, land use, economic development, housing, natural and cultural resources, and many more - all combined into one planning document. The comprehensive plan should not be viewed as a final statement of the city’s vision. With time, its population will change, its goals may be redefined, and the physical environment in which its residents live and work will be altered.  The plan simply represents a consensus at a particular time on planning issues and policies.  As a result, it is recommended that the plan be periodically revised to respond to and reflect changing conditions. In addition, the Comprehensive Plan is viewed as the foundation for all other ordinances and resolutions set forth in the coming years regarding land use decisions.

When was the last Comprehensive Plan adopted?

 The Payette City Council adopted the first Payette Comprehensive Plan in February of 1979. An updated Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005. It can be found here. Our most recent Comprehensive Plan & Map was approved September 4, 2018.